About Us

About us

Mehr Avin Kala Company started activities in 2018  with the aim of supplying the parts and materials needed by industries and factories based on their managerial experience.
Experiences that have been the result of years of continuous and persistent efforts to raise the name of our beloved country across the globe throughout the world.

Experiences regarding equipping the factories for the construction of oil and gas and petrochemical tanks for the South Pars phases to import equipment and construction of electrical panels throughout  the country is visible.

And now  nearly a decade of experience in supplying equipment to refineries & petrochemicals, cement and copper companies  etc…, is on the list of experience of this company.
Due to sanctions and many problems in supplying parts, this company, through its overseas offices, is ready to supply spare parts, instrumentation equipments, control systems, welding machines, automation equipments, Water desalination devices spare parts, ship engine spare parts, fire alarms and spare parts for turbines.

Some of the brands and summary of the company’s flavors in the business and supplying goods are as following

Bending Machine for bending the heavy plates from DAVI Co.
Automatic welding machine from ESAB Co.
Welding and welding powder and electrode welding from ESAB & SAF-FRO Co.
Special sheets for oil and gas and petrochemical projects from ARCELOR Co.
Industrial electric equipments from ABB Co.
POWER BOX production line from ABB Co.
Automatic CNC machine from BAYKAL Co.
Automation equipments from SIEMENS & ABB Co.
Equipments and spare parts in  ACS1000 drive from ABB Co.
Desalting equipments from ALFALAVAL Co.
Equipments and spare parts from FMC Co.
Spare parts for ship engines from FUJI Co.
Fire alarm parts from KIDDE Co.
Transformer from TRAFOMEC Co.
Electricmotors from SIEMENS Co.
Electromotor from SCHORCH Co.
Electromotor  from ABB Co.
Gas Turbin spare parts for SIEMENS turbin
Carbon Rasching ring
Expansion joint from Inoflex srl Co.

The above items are parts of the projects done for the South Pars Gas Complex projects, the Bandar Abbas Oil refining company,Iranian Oil terminal company, Bandar Imam Petrochemical complex, Parsian Gas Refining company, Ilam Gas Refining Company, North Drilling company, Reactorsaz  company Project and Iran Tablo Company development plan.
The company is also able to reconstruct a variety of ACB,MCCB,… and even make some parts that are lost due to burnout or accident.