equipment and parts needed for oil, gas, petrochemicals and cement industries


LV & MV power panels

Reconstruction and repair of industrial CB & MCB 




Electrical equipments

LV & MV Electrical panel
Electrical explosion proof device
Wire & cables

Mehr Avin Kala

Mehr Avin Kala Company started activities in 2018 with the aim of supplying the parts and materials needed by industries and factories based on their managerial experience. Experiences that have been the result of years of continuous and persistent efforts to raise the name of our beloved country across the globe throughout the world. Experiences regarding equipping the factories for the construction of oil and gas and petrochemical tanks for the South Pars phases to import equipment and construction of electrical panels throughout the country is visible. And now nearly a decade of experience in supplying equipment to refineries & petrochemicals, cement and copper companies etc…, is on the list of experience of this company. Due to sanctions and many problems in supplying parts, this company, through its overseas offices, is ready to supply spare parts, instrumentation equipments, control systems, welding machines, automation equipments, Water desalination devices spare parts, ship engine spare parts, fire alarms and spare parts for turbines.

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